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SAS - Events

The Task

Strengthen relationship with B2B segments

Project Type

Creative events

To strengthen its relationships with the B2B segments, SAS enlisted Proactor as its exclusive event supplier. As a premium airline, SAS aimed to differentiate itself from discount airlines by communicating its superior sky experiences in a Scandinavian spirit through a series of events targeting travel agencies and businesses.

One of the standout events that Proactor helped to create was a conference focused on the comforts of traveling with SAS. Featuring prominent professionals from various industries, including Royal Danish Ballet dancer Nikolaj Hübbe, award-winning film producer Vibeke Windeløv, and business leaders such as Asger Aamund and Henning Kern, founder of Dyrberg/Kern, the conference shed light on the requirements of professionals with frequent travel activity. The event served as an engaging example of how to promote a brand while nurturing relationships with key stakeholders.

Proactor was responsible for developing the strategies and executing all events, including communications with relations. By leveraging their expertise in event planning and communications, Proactor helped SAS to strengthen its relationships with the B2B segment and showcase its values and excellence to a wider audience.

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