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Claire Ross-Brown

Claire Ross-Brown became known in Denmark for her role as Casper and Frank's secretary in Klovn and yet, has many other impressive roles on her CV.

Claire was born in London and debuted in the English tv series EastEnders on the BBC. She later moved to Denmark, where she continued her acting career, in Danish.


Known for

In addition to Claire's legendary role in Klovn, we know her from strong performances in films such as Bloodlines where she plays up against Nikolai Coster-Waldau and Ulrich Thomsen as well as Love me forever with Dougray Scott.


Claire is also featured in the new HBO Max series, Kamikaze.

  • The Other Life, Bella (Supporting), Jonas Elmer, Bepop Films 

  • The Stranger Inside, Jane (Supporting), Adam Neutsky-Wulff, Drama Deluxe Films

  • First Sight, Chloe (Lead), ACP Films

  • Take Out the Trash, Tine (Supporting), Rasmus Heide, Fridthjof Film

  • Love Me Forever, Gloria (Supporting), Ulf Hulthberg, Movie Fan Productions

  • The Black Pimpernail, Elena (Supporting), Ulf Hulthberg, Movie Fan Productions

  • Pisteleros, Michelle (Lead), Wize Guy Producitons, Shaky Gonzales

  • The Collector, Receptionist, Lasse Spang Olsen, ASA Films

  • Commonwealth, Annette (Lead), Jullian Ficarelli, Ficarelli Films

  • The Horror Vault, Julia Herrington (lead), Cetus Productions

  • Speak of the Devil, Natalie (Lead), Revolver Films / Shaky Gonzales

  • Far from China, Selena (Lead), Christian Leigh

  • Rainbow, Schoolgirl, Ken Russell

  • Kamikaze, 2021

  • Klovn, Claire, Mikkel Norgaard, Zentropa productions

  • Agony, Co Star, Phil Pristman, Sky

  • EastEnders, Co Star, BBC productions

Claire Ross-Brown

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