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Pejman Khorsand-Jamal

Multifaceted and multicultural are key words that describe Pejman, who, with his roots in Persia and his upbringing in Denmark, is a handsome example of a Danish role model of today. His ambitions are as great as his talent and it has led him to New York, London and Berlin to train as an actor.


Known for

Likewise, his resume is as versatile as his talent with roles such as Mark Anthony in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar”, to Freddy in George Bernhard Shaw's "Pygmalion" to the lead role in his own production "Pearl" about the rendition of the old-fashioned stereotyped images of what a Dane looks like and the struggle to play a Dane on film when you are darker skinned.

With his beautiful appearance, Pejman most of all looks like an international model, but his talent and spark burn through the canvas and make him much more than that. He was born to be an actor!

Pejman is also a singer and composer, has the black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, and has for a period played Semi-pro American Football.

Pejman is fluent in Danish, English and Persian just as he commands high-level Spanish. He is also fluent in German and Korean at an intermediate level.

Movies, TV/series, and Multimedia
  • Sex, Money, Spies, lead, Dir. Thomas Barthelmeus, 2016

  • Baker Man, supporting, Dir. David Noel (Indie), 2016

  • Table for Two, shortfilm, lead, Dir. Adrian Ejsing (Indie), 2016

  • Another Chance, principal, Zentropa Ent./Dir. Susanne Bier, 2015

  • Someone Loves You, own production, 2015

  • Pearl, own production, 2014

  • Tie, independent shortmovie, 2014

  • Girl In The Bathtub, independent shortmovie, 2014

  • Mennesker bliver spist, Erik Clausen (DK), 2014

  • At finde vej, Martin Coles (UK), educational, 2013

  • The Team, TV-series, 2014

Stage productions
  • Kafka by Allan Bennet, as Franz Kafka, Copenhagen Theatre Circle/Dir. Frank Theakston

  • George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion - as Freddy

  • Alan Bowne's Beirut - as Torch (Male lead)

  • Christopher Durange's Beyond Therapy - as Bruce (Male lead)

  • Teater Play: SUPERWOMAN - several roles (acting, singing, dancing)

  • Shakespeare's Henry V - as King Henry V (Male lead)

  • Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar - as Mark Anthony (Male lead)

  • Bedrag/Betrayed, co-star, DR, Dir. Per Fly, 2015

  • The Team, co-star, Network Movie -und Fernsehproduktion/Dir. Kasper Gaardsøe, 2014

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