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Mads Riisom

Mads Riisom completed his education as an actor at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Aarhus in 2004. With his achievements within Danish film, tv, and theatre, Mads has positioned himself as one of today’s most remarkable actors. He is known for strong performances in productions like Those Who Kill, Ole Bornedal’s The Shadow In My Eye, and the DR3-series “kødkataloget”, for which he was nominated for a Robert award by the Danish Film Academy.


Known for

With his engaging portrayal of characters - from physically rough to warm and sensitive to being an excellent funny bone actor - Mads ranges across all genres, which shows in the long line of various roles he has played.

In addition to his appearance on film and tv, Mads is also known for his stage performances in productions at Shakes, Rialto, and The Royal Danish Theatre.


Languages: Danish, American, English. Also knowledge of Swedish, French, German, Spanish, and Greek.

Movies, TV/series, and Multimedia
  • Killijoy, as Thomas, TV2 tv-serie, 2023

  • Dansegarderoben, TV2 tv-serie, 2023

  • Motor Mille og Børnebanden, DR TV-serie, 2022

  • Skyggen i mit øje/The Shadow In My Eye (Feature Film), by Ole Bornedal, as Rigmor's father, 2021

  • Rentnarok (Short), as Brian, 2020

  • Cold Hawaii (TV Series), as Fridtjof, 2020

  • Parterapi (TV Series), as Anders, 2019/2020

  • Den som dræber/Those Who Kill (TV Series), as Anders Kjeldsen, 2019

  • Gidseltagningen II (TV Series), as Rene, 2019

  • Bedrag (TV Series), as Peter, 2019

  • Landet af Glas (Feature Film), as Kim, 2018

  • The Rain (TV Series), as frightened man, 2018

  • Idioten (TV Series), as Max' father, 2017

  • Monrad: I seernes tjeneste (TV Series), as Niels Monrad, 2017

  • Gud taler ud (Feature Film), as Hansi, 2017

  • Fuglene over sundet (Feature Film), as Emmet Levy, TV2, 2016

  • Under sandet (Feature Film), as Peter, 2015

  • Rita 3 (TV Series), as Doctor, 2015

  • Mord uden grænser (TV Series), as Robert Nielsen, 2015

  • Når dyrene drømmer (Feature Film), as Felix, 2014

  • 1864 - brødre i krig (Feature Film), by Ole Bornedal, as soldier, 2014

  • 1864 (TV Mini Series), by Ole Bornedal, as soldier, 2014

  • Kødkataloget (TV Series), as Torben, 2013

  • Dirch (Feature Film), as Stamherren, 2011

  • Thorshammer, 2010

  • Velsignelsen, as Andreas, 2009

  • Cathrine, as Lars, 2018

  • Hjemve, 2007

  • Mum, 2006

  • Hundeøjne, 2005 


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