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SMK - Campaign Concepts

The Task

SMK, The National Gallery of Denmark, aimed to reach a broader target audience to improve the number of guests

Project Type

Creative campaign concepts - concerts, talks, events, and communication

Revolving around artists like Matisse, Rembrandt, and Toulouse-Lautrec, the SMK stage was used as the frame for a series of engaging concerts, talks and events that each targeted specific segments new to the art world. Over the years, a long line of upcoming and acknowledged performers were introduced on stage in new concepts portraying a variety of takes on current exhibitions. The program featured names like Nikolai Coster-Waldau, Anne Glad Wagner, Jimmy Jørgensen, and dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet.

Proactor also planned the yearly Kulturnatten as well as launched a partnership with Stella Polaris in a new series of DJ art nights, the forerunner of today’s SMK Fridays.

The concepts spoke to new audiences bringing both newcomers and the younger demographic to the museum. Especially the DJ art nights made thousands of young people flock to the museum.

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