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Yahoo - Proactor's Successful Partnership With Yahoo in the Nordics

The Task

Proactor has been Communications Lead for Yahoo for more than five years operating across the Nordics and the Netherlands, where creative marketing and a thought leadership strategy have been key components for the partnership.

Project Type

Communications Lead: Marketing, PR/copywriting, SoMe, and events

Yahoo, a leading global technology company, has been introducing their DSP and adtech solutions in the Nordics for several years. To support their marketing efforts in the region, they partnered with Proactor as their communications lead.

For over five years, Proactor has been providing Yahoo with impactful marketing solutions that are based on a thought leadership strategy. Proactor’s approach included creating engaging social media content, designing and executing unique sought-after events in the Nordics and the Netherlands, and securing comprehensive press coverage to highlight Yahoo’s product features and business cases. The result of this collaborative effort has been a significant increase in Yahoo’s brand awareness and sales in these regions.

Furthermore, Proactor's in-person representation of the brand in all markets has resulted in building strong networks and business promoting partnerships, greatly benefiting Yahoo's business in the region.

But Proactor's success is not only measured by our own words. Let's hear what Yahoo has to say about our partnership:

Kenneth Landbo, Country Manager, Nordics & The Netherlands; "Thomas Serup, through his agency Proactor, has been Yahoo's top-tier communications agency in the Nordics and Netherlands for over five years. Their exceptional contribution to Yahoo's success includes delivering impressive results and ROI through their creative marketing solutions, PR, and events.

Despite the Nordics being the smallest market within the Yahoo global organisation, Proactor achieved the strongest social media performance, measured in both views and engagement, resulting in an impressive 250% organic increase in followers on LinkedIn within a relatively short period. Additionally, they secured substantial press coverage for Yahoo in Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, and positioned Yahoo as an undisputed thought leader in adtech through strategic partnerships and events, including their successful webinar series during the pandemic and the renowned Cannes events in our local markets.

Thanks to Thomas's outstanding social skills, Yahoo gained a strong presence in the Nordics and Netherlands. His focus is constantly on generating high-quality leads for the sales team when establishing and executing events, webinars etc.

Proactor's strong performance measurably delivered on all KPIs, including increasing brand visibility and driving performance to new heights."

Gisele Alves, Yahoo Sr Director, Global Integrated Marketing, New York; "Thomas is a brilliant marketer with an outstanding global vision. Always up for any teamwork challenge with good humor and an amazing business vision. His executive presence and high standards for client engagements, together with performance leaders, set the bar high. A pleasure to work with!" (LinkedIn recommendation)

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