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Casper Kjær Jensen

Casper Kjær Jensen is one of Danish film's rising stars. Despite his young age, Casper has already shown his talent in a number of film productions - among those Ole Bornedal's The Shadow In My Eye as well as the upcoming Nattevagten - Dæmoner går i arv. He debuted in the feature film ANTI in 2016 and has proven himself as an amazing actor across the entire spectrum of genres, from comedy, like in GG Horsens, to dramas like Viaplay’s “Those Who Kill”. 

Casper was admitted to The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Odense in 2021.


Known for

DR about Casper in his role in ANTI: “The comedy - which can easily appear staged - flows easily and straightforward, especially when it comes to Casper Kjær Jensen, who also showed a unique talent for complex comedy in a small part in “Antboy 3”.

Movies, series, and multimedia
  • Skyggen I Mit Øje, as Svend Nielsen, by Ole Bornedal/Miso Film, 2021

  • Kamikaze, as Micke, HBO Max, 2021

  • Julemandens Datter 2, as Gerhard Sturm, by Christian Dyekjær, Deluca Film, 2020

  • Unge Astrid, as Vimmerby guy,  by Pernille Fischer Christensen/Nordisk Film / DCM Production, 2019

  • Den Som Dræber - Mørket Falder (TV), as young Mikkel Velin, by Carsten Myllerup/Viaplay/TV3, 2019

  • GG Horsens (TV), as Rasmus, by Morten Urup/TV2/ Youtube, 2019

  • Mørket Falder (short), as Tonny, by  Emilie Koppel/Happy Ending Film, 2019 

  • Gennem Tykt Og Tyndt (Short), as Janus, by Peter Salling/Invictus Film,  2019

  • Danske Mord - Hypnosemordene (TV), as Palle Hardup, by Michelle Francati/DR1/DR K, 2019

  • Månebrand, as Rasmus, by Kasper Juhl/Dæmon Film, 2018  

  • Fucking Lejemordere I Telefonbogen (short), as Ruben, by August Aabo/Astar Production, 2017

  • Rita - season 4 (TV), as Caspar-Emil, by Lars Kaalund/Netflix/TV2, 2017

  • Er Vi Der Ik Snart? (TV), as passenger, by Ask Hasselbalch/TV2 Zulu, 2017

  • Lillemand - season 2 (TV), as guy in Fakta, by Morten BH/ Jonatan Spang/TV2 Zulu, 2016

  • Antboy 3, as graffiti painter, by Ask Hasselbalch/Nimbus Film, 2016

  • ANTI, as Frede (lead), by Morten BH/Miso Film, 2016

  • KASERNEN (Pilot), as Simon, by Mikkel Blaabjerg/TV2 Zulu, 2016

Stage productions
  • Det man siger er man selv, as Z, by Paja Senderovitz/Teater ZeBU, 2019

  • Dark & Stormy, as Svein, by Runi Lewerissa/Betty Nansen/ Edison-scenen, 2019

  • Graduation show at Skuespillerakademiet, as Cosmo (Trefork-Disney), A (Det Normale Liv), by Skuespillerakademiet/Forscenen, 2018

  • Flyt Dig, by Freja Rault-Lykkeberg/Teater Grob, 2017

  • RENT Musical, ensemble, by Sprøjtehusteatret 2015

  • 13 The Musical, as Simon, by Frank Rubæk/Nørregade Teatret, 2012

  • Peter Pan Musical, as Trut, by Sprøjtehusteateret, 2010

Casper Kjær Jensen

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