Benjamin STENDER



Benjamin Stender er uddannet ved The European Academy of Dramatic Arts i Italien i 2012 og besidder et talent og en intensitet der ikke er mange skuespillere forundt. Han blev i 2014 tildelt Reumert-juryens talentpris og fortsætter med at gøre sig bemærket på både scene og film i Italien, England  og Danmark.


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Benjamin Stender graduated from The European Academy of Dramatic Arts in Italy in 2012. He possesses the rare gift of true acting that fills each performance with both intensity and authenticity.
In 2014 Benjamin Stender was awarded the Reumert* Jury Talent Award and he continues to make a splash on both stage as well as the big screen in Italy, England, and Denmark .

*The Reumert Award is an annual Danish awards ceremony that recognizes excellence in theatrical achievements in Denmark.


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  • The Name of the Rose, as Benno of Uppsala, 11 Marzo Film, 2018

  • Ebola, as Ralfie Bruhn, Christian Marazziti, Camaleo Film, 2015

  • De Serpentis Munere, as Padre Benjamin, Roberto Leoni, MDL Creations S.r.l. 2014-2015

  • 2047 - Sights Of Death, as Jimmy, Alessandro Capone, AMBI Pictures - Red New Line S.r.l., 2014

  • Sei Passi Nel Giallo, as Enricho Biancho, Edoardo Margheriti, Leader Film Company, 2010

  • The Unseen World, as Carter, Liana Marabini, Condor Pictures, 2010

  • DR Kirken, as Judas Iscariot, Janne Wibroe, DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation, 2009

  • Blekingegade, as police officer, Anders Riss-Hansen, Zentropa, 2008


  • Il Buio, Azteca Produzioni - Guiliano Oppes

  • Miss Wolf And the Lamb, MDL Creations S.r.l. - Roberto Leoni

  • FIAT - New Holland, commercial, Monica Vicinanza Production

  • Surreau, Commercial, Vinge Surrau

  • IBM, commercial, A´bout de film S.r.l.


  • After Miss Julie, Ian Burns, That Theater Company, Copenhagen

  • Hamlet, Hamlet, Barry McKenna, Hamlet Live, Kronborg Castle, Elsinore

  • Marathon, as leading act, Ian Burns, That Theater Company, Copenhagen

  • Cyrano De Bergerac, as Christian de Neuvilette, Alessandro Preziosi, Italy - Khora Teatro

  • The Woman In Black, as Arthur Kipps, Barry McKenna, That Theater Company, Copenhagen

  • The Seagull, as Konstantin Treplyov, Fabiana Lacozzilli, Teatro Vascello - Compagnia Lafabbrica

  • Scenes From the Big Picture, as Cooper, Silvio Peroni, Teatro Vascello

  • A Chorus Line, Paul St. Marco, Aileen Moir, Teatro della Cometa